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Second, most advanced detectors not only identify the police radar gun, but can essentially throw off the reading a cop gun gets. In these types of mouth alarms, a stereo transmitter produces a scrambled indication which takes the original recognized indication and adds additional stereo alerts. When the scrambled indication reaches the radar, the cops have trouble getting an accurate rate studying.

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Lenox squeaked out a win over Wahconah 27 30. Senior Ryan Silverstein led the way in seventh with a time of 18:10.65. The two squads were neck and neck, with Colin Young backing up Silverstein for the Millionaires, but Carlton Brooks and Zack McCain IV doubling up for Wahconah ahead of Herkus Rudzinskas.

Kaczynski was born in Passaic, NJ and lived in Madison before moving to Bloomsbury in 1997. Personal: He was a photographer and he owned, with his wife Adrienne, Countryside Studios on Kings Road in Madison, since 1990; he was not retired. He was a self taught drummer and an avid skier.

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The quiet neighborhoods in Montoursville are just the latest to be targeted by burglars. Police in the borough said three homes were hit in the past few days; one on Jordan Avenue and another two on Cherry Street. It was the biggest turnout yet for the race from Forest City to Scranton, now in its 18th year.

Regec largely runs the business on his own. He says he has one part time employee who is currently injured, and also gets help from a friend, Tom Patterson, who prints his share when he is not on tour with his band Slingshot Dakota. Regec business promotion is entirely word of mouth, he says.