Activities rev up Friday night at Fan Fest in downtown

“Today, Senator Graham is testifying in federal district court in Newark, New Jersey at the trial of Senator Bob Menendez. Graham is testifying as a character witness for the defense and traveled to the trial at his own personal expense,” Graham’s office said. “He will testify about his service with Senator Menendez in the Senate.

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The crude oil business is a multibillion dollar industry, but what happens if those pipelines stop working after a few years? That’s the dilemma that UH petroleum engineering professor Konstantinos Kostarelos and a team of students tried to solve. Over time, the buildup of particles in the oil solidify and change the dynamic structure of the pipes. The team, though, found they could circumvent the problem using electrokinetics.

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As the father was yelling, the little boy actually started shaking with fear. How sad. Maybe, if you could see inside of those you love as you yelling at them, you would see them shaking also. Let’s be clear: Trump is no fluke. Nor is he hijacking the Republican Party or the conservative movement, if there is such a thing. He is, rather, the party’s creation, its Frankenstein monster, brought to life by the party, fed by the party and now made strong enough to destroy its maker.

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If you would like to contribute, please bring a gift card from Ralph’s. Be sure to mark the amount somewhere on the card.Parking: valet parking at the restaurant for $10 OR parking in the large parking structure, validated for 2 hours with the 3rd hour at $5.Cancellation Policy: If a cancellation is necessary, a full refund will be given if the cancellation is requested before Tuesday, December 5, 2017. For any cancellations after December 5, 2017, a full refund will be made only if a person on the waiting list can take the place.Credit Card Payments: We utilize PayPal to process credit card payments.

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