Fultz has an assortment of quick dribble moves from stepbacks

It was that way when I moved in, but I was assured it would be tended to. That was two months ago. Environmental health came out a few weeks ago, and I still have seen no improvements. Our analysis of Gocovri’s Phase 2 results in MS strongly suggests that the drug works better than Acorda’s drug Ampyra (already discussed above as an example of a commercially successful yet mediocre repackaged drug); assuming that Gocovri achieved a similar level of success after completing pivot trials, we estimate incremental value of $1.6B or $62 per share. While some sell side analysts have incorporated some estimate of this value into their existing target prices, they have been needlessly conservative.”Vimpat XR” could be worth $300M. Adamas’s other pipeline asset is a high dose, extended release formulation of Vimpat, a blockbuster epilepsy drug manufactured by the large pharmaceutical firm UCB and valued by the market at $3B.

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